New additions to the TMEG Family!

This 2015 has brought some very exciting new additions to the TMEG Family. Everything from talent to new people on our office team!



That’s the challenge the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies have faced throughout their career, and indeed it’s sometimes put them on a difficult path. The initial mission was to make swing music that sounded contemporary. They wrote hard-hitting songs with storylines of domestic violence and social alienation. Once this goal was accomplished, the Daddies went boldly forth into other genres as well: ska, rockabilly, glam rock, psychedelia, mod, and metal, to name but a few, choosing to follow their own muse regardless of the feedback of fans and critics alike. Truth be told, individuality and integrity are a part of the bands DNA and have in turn reinforced their reputation. Granted, that image is well deserved; the desire to explore and the exercising of a peculiar artistic integrity has been an integral part of their character since they first formed some 25 years ago.

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Aqualillies is the world’s most glamorous synchronized swimming entertainment company, reinventing the classic art for the new millennium. Diving off the pages of Vogue, Marie Claire and The New York Times, Aqualillies has become synonymous with classic beauty, sexy sophistication, luxury and style. In front of the camera or at live events for clients such as Glee, Justin Timberlake, ABC’s Splash, Disney World, The Kardashians, TED Conferences and American Express, Aqualillies inspires audiences with awesome and innovative spectacles of romance, athleticism and grace.

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 Receiving her first “mixer” at the ripe age of 9, where Erica would play her mom’s R&B & hip-hop tapes and EQ them to her perfection while finding the perfect spots to transition from one track to the other explains where all the self-taught talent & passion comes from. “At an early age, I didn’t just hear music, I would listen to every detail in every record, and even today I do this which has really helped develop my sound as a DJ & producer” she explains.

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Jacob “Kujo” is a b-boy first. He’s been a preeminent figure in the global b-boy/breakdance scene for 22 years, performing, competing, judging competitions, and teaching in 40 countries on 6 continents. His creative contributions to b-boy culture and movement vocabulary are indisputable, and continue to inspire and influence b-boys around the world to this day.

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Kamala’s loving heart, intuitive spirit, and healing abilities have drawn people to her since she was a child. She began practicing yoga in the mid 90’s to relieve stress and migraines, and rapidly began to notice the healing benefits of yoga. It made such a dramatic impact in her own life; she realized her calling to share these gifts with others. Kamala received her teacher certification at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara.

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Megan has always had the drive and desire to engage with people. Her passion led her to a career of event planning where she creates memorable and exquisite affairs. She loves helping people take initial visions, elaborating upon them, and elevating them to the next level. In the end, seeing the elated and satisfied clients is the best feeling in the world to Megan. It is then, she truly knows her attention to detail, wild imagination, trials, tribulations, and hard work during the planning and execution of the event have paid off. Megan graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Hospitality Business Management. She furthered her education at University of Nevada-Las Vegas, obtaining two Master’s degrees, one in Hotel Administration-Event Planning and an MBA.


Julian is originally from Brooklyn, NY, and now has moved to Las Vegas to attend to UNLV to acquire a degree in Entertainment Engineering and Design. With over 7 years in the music industry, he has been able to be both behind and on stage producing some notable electronic music events along NYC and Miami. He currently is a DJ and Producer that has made a name for himself in the East Coast underground electronic music scene, and now will be expanding his horizons here to the west. As he dives deeper into the entertainment industry, he is eager to learn and explore what’s beyond the DJ booth.

Don’t forget if you’re not doing what you love, you’re not really living. Keep smiling people