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In addition to three Guinness World Records, Alesya has performed in fifteen countries on four continents with companies such as the famous Big Apple Circus (USA), Tigerpalast Varieté Theatre (Germany), Cirque d’Hiver Bou- glione (France), NBA and WNBA half time shows and TV shows like Le plus Grand Cabaret du Monde (France) and The Ellen Degeneres TV Show (USA) among many others. She has taken her career to the highest level of show business.

Alesya’s incomparable skills along with her beauty, style and grace have elevated her performance of the Hula Hoop above all others and her artistry is sure to captivate any audience, anywhere in the world. Her performances can also be tailored to any venue including varieté, theater, circuses, sporting events, concerts, cabaret, cruises, corporate events, television and many others. They can also be adapted to fit any location or occasion. Her strong work ethic and her background in circus, dance, choreography and music make this possible.

Alesya’s extraordinary skills as a performer should come as no surprise as she was born into the rich heritage of the Russian circus. Her mother, Nadezda Bilen- ko, was a noted aerialist and leader of an aerial troupe and her father is the famous, honored clown, Fiodor Gulevich. Alesya not only follows in their footsteps, she has become a world famous performer of her own right using her innovation, skill and originality with her Hula Hoop act. This has also earned her, her own star on the Circus Walk of Fame.

Alesya left her birthplace in Rostov-on-Don, southern Russia, at the age of one month to travel with her family. At five years of age, she was already performing in the act: tumbling, balancing and performing acrobatics. At twelve, Alesya was performing solo in a comedy act created by her father, using bicycles and unicycles. At fourteen she developed her own act using the Hula Hoop, which she performs and continues to perfect and enhance continually and for which Alesya is most known. One of her more recent enhancements is the creation of her new, one-woman, multi-variety show.