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Growing up in Detroit, Michigan, its musical history influenced Art as a young performer. Art developed a passion for nostalgia, emulating singers of the ’50s and ’60s. He pursued his fascination and was professionally performing by the age of eighteen. Through nightclub, television, and radio performances he further developed and refined his craft. Shortly after he began in Detroit, Art invited comparisons to classic showman Bobby Darin. As a result, he was noticed by the award-winning Las Vegas production show Legends in Concert and joined the cast as a principal performer. His celebrated role as Bobby Darin, hailed as the best there is, has earned him accolades from critics and audiences alike. With his commanding stage presence and superlative voice, Vargas captured the excitement and personality of Bobby Darin one of Vegas’ greatest performers of the ‘Golden Era’ on stage.

After Legends, Art took a different direction to form his own ensemble, the Swank Set, and began performing an exciting variety of jazz, rhythm and blues, and 50s, 60s rock-n-roll. In addition, he includes his own interpretations of swingin’ standards homage to vintage Vegas and the stars of the era. Art and the Swank Set, have appeared in every major hotel on the famous Las Vegas Strip. Along with his band, his versatility and unique style are showcased on his debut CD, You Perfect Stranger.

Art an experienced and versatile showman for over 25 years, performs in Las Vegas and abroad with his Vintage Vegas Revue and His energetic and riveting performances have earned him the distinction of being named Best Performer by Vegas press, The Las Vegas Review Journal, and Las Vegas Life magazine. Dick Clark regaled him as an “exciting performer;” Variety called him a “finger-snapping, smooth entertainer;” and the LA Times states, “Vargas is vintage Vegas through and through.”

With an exciting voice, unique charm, and flair for the dramatic, Vargas brings the golden era of entertainment to the 21st century. Vargas appreciates the nostalgia-hungry audience and delivers exactly what they want.


Art can perform with a 6 piece Band; 2 lead singers (1 male 1 female), 1 showgirl / dancer (costumed & choreographed routines) or with a 4 piece band; 1 male lead singer, 1 showgirl / dancer (costumed & choreographed routines)

Art is available to perform for corporate events, private parties, festivals, and tours.