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Ashley currently resides in Las Vegas where she costars in The King Starring Trent Carlini and performs at Caesar's Palace with British sensation Matt Goss. Her extensive training lead her to sign at an early age with the American Dance Company under the direction of the late Mark Marino. Ashley has performed in national theaters in Spain, Italy, France, Greece, and Puerto Rico. She claimed the title with her company of Dance Champions of the world four times at the Dance Grand Prix in Italy and Spain. She has been seen in multiple Vegas shows as well as nationally in print and on TV. She has been featured in music videos with familiar names such as The Killers, Midi Mafia, and Laura Trent. She was a recent judge on the hit show Toddlers and Tiaras and can be seen in the upcoming film Shazam and The Lost Path. Ashley is no stranger to judging dance competitions and pageants and has held many state and national titles.