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Benjamin is an international professional fire and circus performer, showcasing his skills on stage since 2008.

Benjamin’s fire performance is marked by his desire to bring you into his world. Combining his unique style of dance and object manipulation, Benjamin bring a wholly new experience to audiences everywhere. A world of beauty, intensity, danger, and grace. Spinning swords and nunchaku, Benjamin will weave a tale of wonders, and with torches he will breathe fiery life into the story.

Benjamin’s contact juggling is characterized by his unique aesthetic, combining his personal style of dance and object manipulation. Also skilled at club work and knives, Benjamin sets the stage with a show guaranteed to amaze. Completely at home in an upbeat circus act, Ben’s performance can just as well be quietly introspective and moving. All shows are well attended by professionalism, skill, and charisma. Noticeably absent is gravity, who always seems to having pressing engagements elsewhere.

Benjamin’s aerial performance is characterized as graceful, stunning, and beautiful. Aerial dance is just the thing to have at your event when you’re looking to elevate it to the next level. Whether a finely crafted choreographed routine, or simply as spectacular ambience, aerial dance is suitable for all events.


Benjamin can perform for parties, events, conventions, festivals, nightclubs and more!