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Bobbi has been on the stage for 20 years. With an early background in theater, dance, and vocal performance, she now performs primarily in circus arts and resides in the Bay Area. Entirely self-taught, she began her circus training with hula-hoops in 2006.

While pursuing perfection with hoops, Bobbi began training Aerial Silks during her time performing with The Little Red Studio Troupe in Seattle in 2008. She started performing professionally that year and has continued to develop her craft ever since.

Bobbi has always performed for the love of the art of movement and a passion for physical excellence. Upon moving to California to finish her BFA at California College of the Arts, she trained and taught at Trapeze Arts in Oakland and united with The Dreamtime Circus. After joining Dreamtime on their second international tour, Bobbi began performing with fire staff, fire hoop, and fire poi and was a key performer in the tour's theatrical circus production. Recently, back in Oakland, she played a lead in The Case of D! and the Disappearing Dream which featured her Hoop, Aerial, and Acrobatic talents.

Bobbi has shared the stage with Cirque Du Soliel members and performed in such locations as the Ritz Carlton and the Wynn. Having worked with professional circuses and production companies as well as non-profits and individuals she has diverse and extensive experience working with all varieties of productions and events.